So I’m a Blogger now!

So blogging, the hot topic on everyone’s lips these days. From employers, to friends, to hip and cool music artists, we are all hearing about the “coolness” of being a blogger. So, as one who likes to try new things, I have always being curious about blogging and I’ve finally decided to jump onto the band wagon and try it out.
For quite a little gal, I’m about five foot short, I am known to never stop talking. This for me is another outlet to talk and giggle and share happy moments with you all, my lovely blog readers! 🙂
When it came to deciding what to write my blog on however, my always having too much to say personality became a problem because I couldn’t choose which topic route to take! And with the help of my super duper boyfriend, I decided that keeping it general was the best option. So a big welcome to YOU from my super general (but brilliant!) blog! 🙂
Day one as a blogger…

How do I feel? To be honest, I feel I’ve been hit in the head with the cool and hip bat. Oh yes, I am now cool and hip and feel every bit of it! Waking up this morning, with a big sleepy head and its straight to the laptop to try get a design that best portrays my happy and flowery self. Flowery you say, yes I am a walking flower bed. Not that I go around with peat moss (is that what its called?!) hanging out of me but it’s kind of my trademark that with any outfit I wear any day you are bound to see some flowers somewhere! So there is the explanation of my blog design.
Ok so down to the important stuff (my sales pitch ahem ahem), what’s my blog gonna be about? Well I’ll tell you just that! It’s gonna be a mixture of things, things ranging from my own personal interests. Things like fashion and travel and photography and memories and probably a little bit of marketing seen as that’s my background. All in all it’s gonna be on a lot of things, but things to bring you variety and laughs and amusement I hope! 🙂
So I guess to some up this first official post, I hope you will pop back and browse my posts and my photography and hopefully I will inspire you in some way or another. The goal is to pass my smile onto you. So again, welcome, thanks for reading and I look forward to being blogging buddies 🙂 …In a non creepy way of course! 🙂
Be safe and happy blogging,
Kathleen xoxo

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  1. Oh my word your very first blog post! You still don’t stop talking by the way so glad to see you haven’t changed at all in 4 years 😉 You are by the way super hip and cool xx

  2. Ha, ha, love your intro hun, brilliant 😉

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