10 Travel Tips to Make your Life Easier

Travelling takes a lot of planning and even a two night getaway requires some thinking and preparation. With that in mind, there is loads you can do to make things easier on yourself. Here are 10 travel tips to make your life easier. 


1. Keep your chargers in your hand luggage. There is nothing worse than being disconnected from the world, especially if you have a delayed flight and need to notify a hotel or a family member. Have your charger on hand at all times and don’t forget to pack an adapter with it, if visiting a foreign country.

2. If you’re travelling in peak season, make your time at the airport easier by pre-booking a airport security fast pass. This will save you from having to rush and possibly panicking on a journey! It also feels nice to cut the queues!

3. Pack extra socks and layers in your hand luggage for your flight. I mentioned this before in my post 5 top tips for long haul flights and its something I really stand by! Airplanes can be really cold and so its good to be prepared!

4. Buy an eye mask, especially if flying during the day! Eye masks are great for blocking out all natural light and they make you keep your eyes closed, forcing you to relax. Sometimes airlines do offer these complimentary but I do always carry one just in case I’m struggling to snooze on a flight.

5. Before you travel, take down the name and address of your accommodation so that if your taxi driver doesn’t know where your hotel is located, you will have an address at hand. Be sure not to forget the Zip Code where applicable and don’t rely on it being in your email – chances are you won’t have wifi when arriving in a new destination!

6. Don’t always be swayed to book cheaper hotel / accommodation on the outskirts of a destination because sometimes this can end up more expensive than the more centrally located option. I will always book a central hotel when travelling. You pay more initially but for peace of mind and ease of getting about, its worth it!

7. Be weary of hidden costs such as unpaid baggage charges and resort fees. These are especially common when travelling in the USA and its important to know of any extra expense before you go. That way then, you can set money aside to pay for the extra costs and you won’t be eating into your spending money.

8. Downsize your toiletries and purchase the small empty travel size bottles from the likes of Penneys / Primark. These are a godsend, especially if you only have hand luggage!

9. If you’re only travelling with hand luggage, try and keep your make up / toiletries / liquids to one clear bag. This is all thats allowed and although some airports will allow you to put through more than one clear bag, you don’t want to risking having your fabulous make up confiscated!

10. When travelling I always make sure I have some small notes /coins in the local currency at hand. This is really important for on arrival because taxi drivers normally expect tips and its easier to have some small notes ready for when these moments arise.

What are your best travel tips?

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  1. Not travelling anytime soon but great tips Kathleen.

  2. Fab tips! I’m heading to Florence next week so these will definitely come in handy x

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