12 Top Tips for improving your Instagram Game

Instagram is my favourite social network because I love the truly stunning photography I come across on it.  While some use it for sharing selfies from the latest night out, others like myself use it to share colourful moments and imagery from our lives.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved photography. I love capturing a special moment, a pretty city or a breathtaking shoreline. And over the years, I’ve worked hard to improve my Instagram game. If you’re looking to bring your Instagram game to the next level, keep reading because I’m about to share my top 12 tips for improving your Instagram game!

1. Avoid the night out selfies

For me, night out photo’s are for Facebook. Instagram is a visual social site and accounts that post little or no selfies are a lot more attractive to potential followers than those with millions of drunken shots. If you need to filter a night out photo, you can still do so in the app but rather than hit that publish button, screenshot and crop! That’s what I do!

2. Avoid Obstruction in your Photos

Have you ever taken a photo and looked back at it later to realise that your thumb was in the side of it or maybe your hair blew in front of your camera! This can happen anyone and it happens me all the time! But I catch before I post! 😉 Take your time when taking a shot and make sure you have no obstructions in your view.

3. Take what others don’t see

This is something I’m really good at. I spot beauty in things that others might pass by. Pretty brickwork on a path, a close up shot of a flower arrangement or a cute display of products / items. Open your eyes to the world and you will see things of beauty that no one else might even notice!

4. Don’t over filter

Its easy to go mad on filters but sometimes #nofilter is all you need. I love bright photo’s and I try not to filter if I can. Only use the filter function if it enhances your shot and really think about it before you hit that publish button.

5. Decide on a theme and stick to it

I don’t follow this religiously but many do and it works! For me, I love colour so bright colours would be a common theme on my account. My themes are normally destination based as opposed to a year-round style. For example, if I’m away by a beach somewhere exotic, you can expect lots of turquoise and blue focused shots.

6. Hashtag your photos

By using hashtags properly on Instagram, you’re opening your image to a whole new audience. Make sure to that the hashtags you chose are relevant and you’ll be flying! A little tip with hashtags – type them all out in the notes on your iPhone and then when you need them, copy them across to Instagram! This will save you time each and every-time!

Also be aware of geo hashtags when travelling – if you search a destination hashtag in Instagram, it will list all relevant ones and the popularity of each!

7. Sometimes the cringe photos work!

I’m not a serious poser and I don’t ever pout but if you’re travelling, sometimes those awkward walking away from the camera shots turn out so well that the embarrassment of the 10 takes was worth it! Below is a perfect example! I tried to be serious but I just laughed and the result was a nice, natural shot 🙂

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for a retake

If you’re travelling and you’ve asked a stranger to take a photo for you, don’t be afraid to ask them to retake it if it didn’t turn out right. I always ask them to take a couple and that way then, I have a choice! Most won’t mind taking more than one shot and if you’re a perfectionist like me, approach someone who has a professional looking camera, they’ll take care of your shot! 🙂

9. Be selective about what you post

Don’t post for the sake of it and don’t post a mediocre photo. Only post the very best and when in doubt, leave it out! That’s the golden rule!

10. Have fun with your photos

Just as much as the poser pics work out, having fun works really well on Instagram as well. Although you may be taking your photo seriously, its nice not to take life to seriously so do have some fun when you’re shooting! I’m a goof ball and this often comes across in my travel photo’s! 🙂

11. Use Natural Light where possible

If you’re taking a photo of your dinner or of a product you love, try and use natural light as much as possible. Nobody wants to look at a dull, bad quality image on Instagram! Make the most of that natural light and make sure you’re not making a shadow in your shot.

12. If possible, take photo’s on a proper camera

If you have a great camera or a DSLR, you can use images from these on your Instagram! Select the best one and transfer it to your iPhone and bobs your uncle! High quality images and a serious Instagram game!

So there you have it! 12 of my top tips for improving your Instagram Game! Do you follow any of the above principles? Tell me your top tips in the comments below!

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  1. I love your photos. I am really trying to grow my IG account for the second half of this year and appreciate all your little tips. I already do the hashtags in my notes folder and it’s so handy.

  2. As a fellow (and only starting out) Lifestyle/Travel/Culture blogger these tips are really helpful. Wonderful post!

  3. Stunning photography and great tips

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