10 Tips on How to Travel with a Full Time Job

Something I get asked all the time is, how do I afford to take all the trips I take. Its a reasonable question considering I do try to go abroad on a trip 4 times a year. I do however work in a full time job and I have limited holidays like everyone else. Not to mention, limited funds.

Rather than just share my own tips though, I decided to rope in some top tips from other travel bloggers around the world, who like me, also work full time! With that in mind, here are 10 tips on how to travel with a full time job! 


1. Kitty to City makes the most of her PTO (paid time off) by pairing her trips with bank holidays!  ‘Instead of taking 5 days off work I only have to take off 4 days. This saves me my precious PTO so I can go on more trips!’

2. Lets Love Local is all about the work perks when it comes to travel! ‘This may not be for everyone, but I’ve consciously chosen jobs with great holidays. I work for public schools which gives not only decent PTO, but also plenty of vacation blocks throughout the year!’

3. For FirstAndFifteenth, its all about planning and research! ‘Research & maximise those weekends. So many of my trips have been 2/3/4 days. Also sign up to alerts for Skyscanner, I’ve booked many European trips after seeing cheap flights and building a trip around what’s accessible. It allowed me to go away 13 times whilst working full time last year.’


4. A Travelling Life is all for partaking in jobs that let you see the world such as cruise ship crew, tour guide, a teacher etc!

5. A Cajun in Cali is all for taking advantage of those work trips you gotta do! ‘Travel for work as often as you can. Trip can be reimbursed or partially paid by employers. Make work trips fun by researching things to do/see and arriving:staying an extra day or two.’

6. SabbaticalScapes is all in favour of rewarding yourself with some leave after you’ve completed a big work project! ‘I primarily travel when contracts or projects are complete. I call my time off a sabbatical! The first time I went on sabbatical, I actually quit my job & travelled to over 30 countries in 2 years.’


7. Gallop Around the Globe thinks research is the key to working and travelling! ‘Two words – planning and research. Come up with a list of all the places you’d like to go, look at the best/cheapest times of the year to visit them!’

8. Travel the World believes in working for a company who will offer you a good annual leave plan. ‘When looking for a job, look for a company that provides a good vacation time plan. Also, stick with a company to increase vacation time. For instance, I started with my company receiving 4 weeks of PTO a year. Now that I have been with them for over 10 years, I have 6 weeks of PTO a year.’

9. The Wandering Weekenders believe in utilising credit card reward schemes to travel for less. ‘One of our favourite ways to save with travel is to utilise credit cards that offer rewards points and to sign up for any and all reward programs.’

10. And I, Squidgy Moments Travel Blog believe the best way to travel when working full time is to save save save! Cut back on things to don’t need, cut back on drinking alcohol and no matter what, save 10% of every pay cheque you get and that can all go towards adventures!


I love the stability of a full time job and although I’d love more time to see the world, I make time when I can and I work hard and save towards it. This is all we can do!

Get out and see the world, there is nothing more exciting! 

Always Wandering,





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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I agree it’s totally possible to work full time and see the world! It just takes a little creativity and compromise.

  2. Thanks for including me! Definitely going to put this advice into practice to really get the most out of my free time!

  3. LOVE this post! Admittedly I did quit my job to travel for a while, but when I was full time I still managed to get away loads. It’s all about saving hard, budgeting well and utilising long weekends for me 🙂

  4. LOL If I just cut back on going out, I’m sure I’d be rolling in it but I could never give up my wine! haha That’s why I got a second job to compensate 😉 Great list of ideas! xx


    • LOL Lauren! But if you cut back on the wine to travel, you’ll get to enjoy wine somewhere fab in the world 😉

  5. Wow, nice mix of information. Great job putting it together to make a great read.

  6. Such a variety of tips! I’m travelling full time and have been for over a year but all that is ending in a few months! I’m going to find it really hard to work full time instead of travelling full time so these are great tips to help me out!

    • Wow Lauren, I say you’ve had the best time! No doubt it will be tough to settle but you will find your feet 🙂 x

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